What Is Corporate Wellness?

Are you able to maintain your fitness practice while traveling for a business conference? Are you staying motivated, eating healthfully and staying energized while on the road? Air travel, business conferences, deadlines and late nights contribute to cognitive overload and fatigue. How do you combat Conference Fatigue? Schedule time with your colleagues for revitalization and recharge with Corporate Wellness Sessions during your stay!

Why Corporate Wellness ?

Corporate Wellness group sessions provide a celebrated mental break from conferences, which has been proven to enhance productivity and energy. Sessions increase endorphins, which is scientifically and medically proven method of increasing focus and activating the brain to the fullest. And! Most importantly, working out with colleagues encourages trust, and team productivity.


Group Options


*Only Business Attire Required

Improve your posture and strengthen postural muscles with office specific exercises. End that tightness in the shoulders and neck by learning how to release tight muscles and activate the weak ones mindfully. Educate yourself about ergonomics in the workplace to avoid computer-induced and chronic pain. Learn a simple routine to prevent compromised vision, headaches, wrinkles, back pain, and more. Rather than be drained by the office, learn to energize your body.



Functional Strength, Balance and Coordination

This session begins with relaxing balance and diaphragmatic breath work. You will activate and strengthen your abdominal muscles, upper & lower back, glutes and spinal rotators. You will leave the session feeling rejuvenated as we end with a full body yoga stretch.



This session includes a high/low intensity that allows you to go at your own pace during interval strength training. This session includes circuit training that targets the major muscles of the body to improve performance and burn body fat using kettle bells, TRX®, dumbbells and more.



Get motivated and earn those Chicago dinners! Burn calories with this fast-paced workout using battle ropes, sliders, agility cones, and more.



Using physio balls, foam rollers and other health tools, this session includes stretching and Myofascial Release, a method that eases tissue around specific constrained muscles while increasing flexibility. From the feet to the neck, we will address injury prevention through body awareness and movement education while improving alignment.



This gentle flow class is focused on the experience of living within your body and breath. Accessible to all levels of practice and beginners,  this class is a combination of gentle and dynamic flow coupled with longer holds to help find alignment in our bodies, within ourselves, and connect with clarity, humility, and love. We begin and end class with Mindfulness Meditation.



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