Assessment, Collaboration and Positive Coaching

In the era of speed, haste and waste, Pernic encourages clients to listen to their bodies instead of seeking a magic pill or overnight success.  She begins with a simple body awareness assessment. She understands the body’s interconnected muscular and skeletal complexities—but also the mind, potential and attitude of each client. She recognizes that injuries are inevitable, but health education combined with a training tool kit is the key to sustainable well being.

She works with all different body types, movement patterns, pain sources, injuries, emotional stressors, ages and personalities. She welcomes beginners, weekend warriors, new mothers and professional athletes alike.

Her approach is much different than the standard “One Size Fits All” training.  She approaches every client with fresh eyes and encourages clients to embrace the process of strengthening not only their bodies, but with their minds.

Her clients include people in casts; people in obesity-reduction programs; clients with spinal diseases and back injuries; clients recovering from accidents and injuries and athletes in recovery mode.  She also trains veterans and senior citizens frequently. Pernic assesses the body’s history and muscle memory because she recognizes that every organ, muscle, nerve, and internal system connect to one another other. She focuses on the byproducts of, and root causes, of pain.

She drafts an individual road map for each client to achieve a pain-free—and hopefully, a medicine-free life.

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